My. Favorite. Part.

The master bedroom is technically done, but since I’m extremely.. particular, I’m waiting to take the final photos until all the little details are in place (Chad, when can we mount the TV?!).

Before I reveal the “after” photos, I thought it’d be fun to share what went into the decorating. I knew I wanted the room to look and feel clean, but in a very soft and cozy way, using linen whites and pale grays. I was originally inspired by these IKEA photos. Almost everything is from there, Amazon, Target, and TJ Maxx. The moral? Don’t shop big or brand names just to the sake of it – buy what you love and what works well in your space. If it happens to be affordable, you’ll love it that much more!

Bedroom Decor.png

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Although I haven’t been able to post as much as I originally wanted to, I’m so glad I have the blog for moments like these! Looking at the before photos of the master is crazy. Even though we’re just putting on the final touches, and haven’t even decorated, I can’t get over the difference. It’s true: it’s amazing what a coat of paint (and shiplap and refinished hardwood floors) will do.


The wallpaper was the epitome of the 60’s and I can’t find ANYTHING on Google for built-in headboard, but hey, there’s a first for everything.

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New Stair Treads (Part I)

I didn’t know what a stair “tread” was until we started this project.

Unfortunately for us, the previous homeowners decide to remove the traditional stair railing and opted for this extremely original jail cell look. When we first removed the carpet, we were psyched that the stairs were in good shape. We neglected to realize that the 16 wood posts were going to leave a ton of holes (2 holes per pole, 32 total) in addition to the holes from the original railing. Holes galore. Thus, we decided to replace the top of the stairs (aka the treads).

Here’s how it went…

(Before & during)

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Sorry for the lack of updates! We’re in full renovation mode (with some major help from my dad) on the second floor, and with it being right before the holiday’s, our evenings have been filled with holiday parties (and maybe some Bruins games) in between sanding and painting. I’ll share some exciting progress ASAP.

Although we have a ways to go, once the upstairs is done, the work begins downstairs. That has me thinking about what we’ll do in our main living space – the living room. A lot of time a home’s style begins in the living room – and there’s a million different ways to do ours. We’re going for a warm french industrial chic feel and I’m going to work my way around the coffee table. For some reason, it’s such a focal point to me.

img_0498A blank (and dark) canvas!

Here are some tables I love and what my plan is for ours…


I want a glass coffee table on so many different levels, but Chad has convinced me it’s not practical for our lifestyle (or small children being around… someday…), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one, like this Stevenson coffee table from Williams-Sonoma, so I can admire.

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I’m finally coming up for air after closing and moving in, all in two days! We created a tight timeline for ourselves because our close was November 28 and we wanted to be out of our apartment by December 1, as opposed to even closer to the holidays. So, we closed Monday morning and were sleeping there by Tuesday night.


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Ok, we close on our house TOMORROW, but let’s face it, Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday, so I can find a few minutes to share some of the deals I’ve already come across. There’s so many, it’d be a tragedy not to.

Faux Fur Throw at West Elm for $64

  1. Target’s offering a KitchenAid Mixer for over 50% off ($200)! This is an awesome registry gift to snag if you have any soon-to-be brides in mind.
  2. West Elm is offering 30% off everything and up to 70% off markdowns – use code SAVENOW.
  3. Banana Republic and Gap are offering a generous 50% off – no code needed.
  4. Everything at J. Crew is 40% off and that’s exactly what you should get, everything – use code HOLIDAY.
  5. The perfect ankle boot – and almost everything else- is 40% off at Cole Haan.
  6. Anthropologie is offering 30% of everything – use code LETSGO.

There’s so many more, so click around and have fun. Next time you hear from me I’ll be blogging from our NEW HOUSE! I. Can’t. Wait.