Ok, we close on our house TOMORROW, but let’s face it, Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday, so I can find a few minutes to share some of the deals I’ve already come across. There’s so many, it’d be a tragedy not to.

Faux Fur Throw at West Elm for $64

  1. Target’s offering a KitchenAid Mixer for over 50% off ($200)! This is an awesome registry gift to snag if you have any soon-to-be brides in mind.
  2. West Elm is offering 30% off everything and up to 70% off markdowns – use code SAVENOW.
  3. Banana Republic and Gap are offering a generous 50% off – no code needed.
  4. Everything at J. Crew is 40% off and that’s exactly what you should get, everything – use code HOLIDAY.
  5. The perfect ankle boot – and almost everything else- is 40% off at Cole Haan.
  6. Anthropologie is offering 30% of everything – use code LETSGO.

There’s so many more, so click around and have fun. Next time you hear from me I’ll be blogging from our NEW HOUSE! I. Can’t. Wait.



ChadGabbyPortraits257 bw_sm.JPG

There’s so much to be thankful for. I hope everyone enjoyed time with their families! I’ll be back with Black Friday finds as soon as I recover from overeating.


I love Thanksgiving. It’s one of the first real traditions Chad and I have together, which makes me nostalgic. We head out of the city (this year for the last time!) early the day before and spend the night with my parents and his family enjoying some easy takeout and a decent amount of wine. Thanksgiving Day is spent at my sister-in-law’s with a huge crowd and lots of kiddos, which is a little different for me considering I come from a small family, so I absolutely love it.

If you’re hosting this year and running a bit behind, or you just haven’t pulled everything together yet, here are 10 beautiful tablescapes to get you inspired.

ROSE & IVY JOurnal Thankgiving Table Setting

I love this combination of rich colors and subtle contrasts.

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In between packing, Chad and I got out over the weekend to look at furniture and get ideas for the house. We’re basically furnishing the entire place from scratch, so we have our work cut out for us. We ventured into HomeGoods and picked up a few things and after doing some reach, I learned we got some mega deals.

RH (Baby) “Stuff” Basket ($149) vs HomeGoods ($10)

This Better Homes & Gardens version is a decent comparison, or you can learn how to make them yourself here.

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As of November 28 this adorable Dutch Colonial will be ours! Since I’m not sure that there’s ever been interior updates, we’ll be making A LOT of changes, so I’m starting this blog to document the fun.

First, we are, in fact, moving to the burbs. We had been talking about buying for a while – I’ve been in Boston for eight years and Chad for 12 – all the while renting. For a short time we entertained the idea of buying a condo in the city, but in the long run a driveway, backyard, and bonus – a pool(!) makes the most sense for us.

I had been keeping an eye on the scary thing that is the housing market and quickly learned that no matter how many times I tweaked my wish list on Redfin (3 beds, 2 baths, dream town), what I believed to be true was confirmed: the Boston suburbs are stupidly over priced. As I went a little more crazy each day without a dishwasher or in-unit laundry, we agreed to start looking in early 2017, giving ourselves a few months to relax after our July wedding. But being the inpatient person that I am, I convinced Chad to meet with a realtor shortly (like two weeks) after we got back from our honeymoon.

We found an amazing agent and started to hone in on Walpole. It’s not too far from the city, has great schools, and a lot of convenient perks, which is huge for me (I live for a 24-hour CVS). Once Chad was on board, he went full steam ahead. He found this house and sent it to me multiple times. I wasn’t sold. The house was built in the 1900’s and, as we later found out, has only had two owners. The most recent has been there since 1960 and is the culprit of the yellow countertops and shingles (yes, shingles) in the kitchen. There’s lot of carpet, even more wallpaper, one full BLUE bathroom, and a half bath with a kitty-cornered sink (how?!).

On the flip side, it’s been kept up really well and we’ll the third owners in a century, how crazy is that? There’s beautiful hardwood throughout, a sun room, and a big fireplace – good “bones” and a lot of potential, as they say.

I’m REALLY excited for this next chapter and invite you to join me (and a lot of Chad) as I chronicle our move from the city to the suburbs and into our fixer upper. And if you ever want North End restaurant recommendations, I’ll always be your girl.