I’m finally coming up for air after closing and moving in, all in two days! We created a tight timeline for ourselves because our close was November 28 and we wanted to be out of our apartment by December 1, as opposed to even closer to the holidays. So, we closed Monday morning and were sleeping there by Tuesday night.


Despite it pouring the entire day we moved, it went smoother than I imagined. I can be a bit of an over thinker, so I created some unnecessary stress for myself. I plan on posting more about moving another time. There’s so many options from no cost, no help to having someone pack for you for big money. We chose to pack ourselves, rent our own truck because we had to make multiple stops, and hired two movers to do the majority of the heavy lifting. It worked out really well, but we’re still sore as shit.

Chad doesn’t mess around and has already ripped up all the upstairs carpet, so I thought I’d share some before photos before the place changes too much. The listing photos are the best I have in the daylight at the moment.


Oh heyyy yellow countertops.


Yes, there is a massive built-in wood headboard in the master bedroom.

Do you guys think this staircase “railing” aka jail cell look will ever come back?


Before and during!

End Tables.jpg

Also, I can’t get over these Ethan Allen end tables Chad found on Facebook Marketplace , both for $60 (I’m so proud of him). Similar tables go for $800.. for one!


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