Sorry for the lack of updates! We’re in full renovation mode (with some major help from my dad) on the second floor, and with it being right before the holiday’s, our evenings have been filled with holiday parties (and maybe some Bruins games) in between sanding and painting. I’ll share some exciting progress ASAP.

Although we have a ways to go, once the upstairs is done, the work begins downstairs. That has me thinking about what we’ll do in our main living space – the living room. A lot of time a home’s style begins in the living room – and there’s a million different ways to do ours. We’re going for a warm french industrial chic feel and I’m going to work my way around the coffee table. For some reason, it’s such a focal point to me.

img_0498A blank (and dark) canvas!

Here are some tables I love and what my plan is for ours…


I want a glass coffee table on so many different levels, but Chad has convinced me it’s not practical for our lifestyle (or small children being around… someday…), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one, like this Stevenson coffee table from Williams-Sonoma, so I can admire.

Capture.PNGThis West Elm table is another favorite of mine for a great price – $319!

There’s something about the gold contrast with glass in a room with rich colors, I love it.

Capture.PNGWisteria, $899

For $250, I like this one from Target a lot!

Although I love the look of glass to no end, a wood top is great alternative and won’t show all the pesky fingerprints.


lick images for links

Somewhere along the way, I started loving the wood top with hairpin legs.


And during my quest for the perfect coffee table, my parents found this old piece in their basement:


It’s solid wood and a great size. So in an effort to upcycle as much as we can, it will be one of my first DIY project. I think I’m going to stain the top and add hairpin iron legs.

Left is from World Market and on the right, a slightly more pricey brass version from wherewhere else? West Elm.

It can’t be that hard, right? Stay tuned!


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