My. Favorite. Part.

The master bedroom is technically done, but since I’m extremely.. particular, I’m waiting to take the final photos until all the little details are in place (Chad, when can we mount the TV?!).

Before I reveal the “after” photos, I thought it’d be fun to share what went into the decorating. I knew I wanted the room to look and feel clean, but in a very soft and cozy way, using linen whites and pale grays. I was originally inspired by these IKEA photos. Almost everything is from there, Amazon, Target, and TJ Maxx. The moral? Don’t shop big or brand names just to the sake of it – buy what you love and what works well in your space. If it happens to be affordable, you’ll love it that much more!

Bedroom Decor.png

  1. Area Rug, Wayfair – This rug ties every shade of white, ivory, and gray together so well and was really inexpensive. Currently on sale!
  2. Round Grid Mirror, TJ Maxx – Sadly but not surprisingly, this $30 mirror is sold out, but here’s a similar one from Wayfair (if you love to blow money) and another option from TJ’s.
  3. Mid-Century Modern Dresser – We proudly grabbed our dresser from a Facebook group (MA High End Yard Sale), which has made Facebook that much more addicting. We only paid $375 and I know the piece retailed for MUCH more. You can find a similar style here.
  4. Brimnes Bed, IKEA – That’s right. Our bed is from IKEA and we love it! We wanted a white platform bed because of the headboard situation, which you’ll see soon. Bonu: it has awesome storage underneath.
  5. Ranarp Floor Lamp, IKEA – I think the Ranarp lamps are the best thing to come from IKEA and I want one in every color (so I guess I’ll buy one in black).
  6. Throw, Amazon – Oh, this is supposed to be a “spa bath” towel? I purchased whatever this is supposed to be in gray, and we love it as a throw on our white duvet.
  7. Light Gray Pillowcases, Amazon – This is a deep gray in person and super pretty and soft. I plan on grabbing more for the other bedrooms.
  8. Tufted Ottoman, Target – After reading 4,000 storage ottoman reviews, I’m really happy with this one, which is also currently on sale!
  9. Curved Chair by Nate Berkus, Target – I snagged this chair in ivory, but love all of the colors. One of the customer photos shows off the blush, which would be adorable in a girl’s room or nursery!

I can’t wait to share photos, soon!


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